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5 Green Theme Parks Green Families Can Feel Good About Visiting

With so many kid-friendly choices for vacations, it is difficult to choose. Narrow the playing field by choosing a green theme park for your next family vacation.

Do green amusement or theme parks exist? | MNN - Mother Nature

Do sustainable theme and amusement parks — destinations that are a cups from being landfilled annually; the use of eco-friendly cleaning 

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The big surprise about Norfolk's new theme park is that it's eco friendly and parents can enjoy it too, says Sharon Sweeney.

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Or deserted amusement park won't amuse you for sure. time to consider an eco-friendly initiative that keeps the amusement park or family fun 

How Do We Address Environmental Sustainability in Entertainment

Many of today's consumers are interested in eco-friendly theme parks. When you consider how vast the operations are at most venues, it's easy 

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I recentl went down to Nagasaki Prefecture to spend time with a dear old friend, Takekuni Ikeda, who lives on a little wooded peninsula jutting 

World's First Eco Theme Park: Environmentaland : TreeHugger

Environmentaland eco theme park image particularly intriguing - the world's first environmental theme park has just opened its doors! Environmentally-friendly park near Hollywood, L.A. A bit surprsed, but i support each 

Eco-friendly Theme Park/Recylcing via Startup Compete

Our idea is to have our version of an "amusement park"-like space. Ideal for any age and tourists

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So to are theme parks across the U.S. and around the world. Many modern parks are boasting eco-friendly and sustainable features that can 

The Ark Encounter - Eco-friendly amusement park - Go Green

The Ark Encounter will include a full scale Ark, built according to the biblical dimensions and constructed with materials and methods as close as possible to 

Solar-powered theme park uses the sun and people to run its rides

This is GreenWood Forest Park in Wales. It's powered by solar energy and people. The eco-friendly park generates its own energy and claims 

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Amusement parks can be a pleasant diversion during the holidays. Some are also eco-friendly: here are some located in Europe and North 

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Whether it's conservation, recycling, education or designing attractions with the environment in mind, Universal Orlando is working to make sure Green is 

Solar-Powered Theme Park Uses the Sun and People to Run Its

This is GreenWood Forest Park in Wales. It's powered by solar energy and people. The eco-friendly park generates its own energy and claims 

Horsetopia - Eco-friendly Theme Park - YouTube

Horsetopia is a eco-friendly theme park designed for people, horses and natural environment. It promotes eco-tourism in South Korea with the