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Flitch plate beams are composite mem- bers which combine the strength and stiffness of structural steel with the ver- satility of wood. A flitch plate is a steel plate.

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STRUCTUREmag - Structural Engineering Magazine, Tradeshow: Flitch Plate Beams.

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I've been asked to repair a built-up beam where a splice is not over a bearing point. The engineered solution was to add a 1/4-inch flitch plate with twelve 1/2-inch through-bolts (bottom). . More From Deck Magazine.

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A flitch plate can carry a larger load than a solid wood beam with the same depth and span. When a structure limits the depth of the girders and 

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The bottoms of the flitch-plate girder and the wood I-beams, and the wires, girders; by the possibility of the steel plate failing in a structure fire; 

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A flitch-plate girder is a composite beam--a plate of steel sandwiched If a structure limited the depth of the girders and joists, they were often 

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Composite construction is a generic term to describe any building construction involving In structural engineering, composite construction exists when two different A flitch beam is a simple form of composite construction sometimes used in North American light frame construction. Retrieved from Structure Magazine: 

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A flitch beam consists of two pieces of wood with a steel plate sandwiched between them. It is a structural element used in building construction when a beam 

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Structural engineers need to look at your home or plans and calculate all the loads that will be carried by the The column locations at each end and under the beam are critical as well. . This is a flitch beam. . Magazine Subscriptions.

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Jim Thompson, a former framing carpenter and currently a structural To compare the stiffness of wood beams, multiply beam width by beam 

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Another way to reinforce a beam is with a flitch plate. In this method, a steel plate is sandwiched between two identical wooden beams and the 

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In response to a request from Structural Engineer, a number of companies manufactured lumber products, as well as steel and composite flitch beams. provides analysis of timber frames (post and beam), trusses, glulam beams, and more.

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That aside, you will need either a professional engineer, structural engineer or Here are shots of a 8 x 8 beam that supports the floor joists.

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Understanding the common structural shortcomings that cause floors to sag and what to do about them. all of the basement support beams and posts where they meet the floor. Two flitch plates may also be used to repair localized damage. Subscribe to Magazine · Subscribe to Newsletter · Get Your 

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These structural members are used as vertical columns or horizontal beams, are usually made with bolts or plain steel dowels and steel plates. . Glulam Beam Repair/Reinforcement – An article (Printed in STRUCTURE magazine, Sep. Cruck · Flitch beam · Flooring · Joist · Lath · Molding · Panelling · Plank · Plate