On the strengthening of the floor structure

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Structural strengthening for optimizing floor space during retrofitting of high-rise office buildings. In : CRC for Construction Innovation Second International 

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you may also be asked to modify an existing structure, where the analysis and strengthening (if required) are typically more involved than for similar openings in 

Strengthening of Floor Beam and Slab at a Multi-Story Building

This would require the perimeter cantilever beams to be propped up using new steel structural sections from below. The original strengthening proposal was to 

Strengthening existing floor slabs

Strengthening existing floor slabs by Tomas Vanek. Whether done as part of general restoration work or to remedy a defect in the original construction,.

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or office use, or when roof spaces or additional upper floors are brought into use) Laterlite lightweight structural concretes, suitable for strengthening existing 

Structural strengthening for optimizing floor space during retrofitting

Structural strengthening for optimizing floor space during retrofitting of high-rise office buildings. Chintha Perera. Clients Driving Innovation: Moving Ideas into 

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REPAIR, RESTORATION AND STRENGTHENING OF BUILDINGS on the structural scheme and materials used (viii) Relaying cracked flooring at ground.

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With varied knowledge of floor construction types and extensive experience in structural evaluation and strengthening, the structural engineer can present 

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In addition to weighing their options for structural strengthening and The structural floor consisted of a one-way slab supported by precast prestressed joists.

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Sika Structural Strengthening Systems have been tested extensively internally into the floor and subsequently into the wall of the building. With this setup, the 

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The building was completely gutted and the existing floor system - a beam and joist structure - needed to be strengthened. The work, mostly joist strengthening, 

Condition assessment and strengthening of residential units

To increase the safety of existing ground floor and to provide the option of the construction of one floor above, rehabilitation and strengthening design was 

Restoring and strengthening existing steel floor structures by using a

Strengthening of steel floor structures in Aquila, Italy. It has been possible to restore and strengthen existing floor structures in the historic old 

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timber floor structure in a new build steel frame home kitchen-diner . Depending on ground conditions, the slab may need strengthening with 

Strengthening of existing RC frame in case of construction of add

An additional floor is designed on the top of an existing RC building with frame structure. New transfer columns are supported on the existing beams of the top