how to turn plastic waste into fencing posts and poles

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Her business uses plastic waste collected from dumpsites and garbage cans across Nairobi to manufacture fencing posts. These posts, which 

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Entrepreneur turns plastic waste into a way to save trees in Kenya Most of Aghan's customers are farmers and developers who once used wooden fence poles. Now plastic posts have stopped the problem, he said.

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EcoPost uses 100% recycled plastics to make aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber for use in applications ranging from fencing to landscaping. Ours is one of Post And Rail Fencing. ecopost We buy plastic waste and fine biomass (e.g. sawdust, rice husks, coffee husks, macadamia dust e.t.c).

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A Kenyan company, EcoPost, is transforming environmentally-unfriendly plastic waste into fencing poles and forges a profitable business.

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Kenya-based effort to recycle plastic bags into fencing poles. All of the Western world's soft plastic waste is sent to Kenya, and the I'm glad someone is recycling it and making a living from doing it, and providing others with jobs! =D POST COMPANY RECYCLING GABBAGE INTO LIGHTING POST 

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Close the Loop's recycled plastic fencing is textured to look more like real wood. . All of these recycling plants are subsidized and waste money and hurt the environment. It would be great to get 6x6 fence posts made from plastic. I hope the economics support making molds for other products too.

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Women's Initiative Awards 2011 laureate for sub-Saharan Africa for her creative business idea of making fence posts from plastic waste.

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A Kenyan firm has discovered a way to turn plastic waste into a profitable fencing posts from recycled consumer plastic waste from Dandora, a slum used in setting up the plastic fencing poles extrusion plant is very costly.

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Waste Management The fence droppers created by Pelser are solid plastic poles that are are made from containers that “cannot be recycled into products that will be in Pelser's plastic fence droppers are light weight and pliable making 70% of plastic recycled in SA is from post-consumer sources 

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Ecopost added 10 new photos to the album: Waste to Wealth — in Nairobi, Kenya. . 3 inch Round and 4 inch Round 7 ft long solid plastic fencing posts.

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Dura tile and Fencing Poles are a sustainable made eco-friendly product that are aim of creating a sustainable solution to the growing plastic waste hazard.

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EcoPost recycles 769.2 kilogrammes of plastic waste daily or 20 tonnes every Ms Rutto establish a small factory to turn plastic into land-scaping products. a firm which uses plastic waste to manufacture poles for fencing, 

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The liquid plastic is then scooped into post and tile moulds; a single fencing post requires 15 kilogrammes of plastic waste, says Munywe, and a 

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EcoPost removes tonnes of plastic waste from streets and landfills around Nairobi. The plastic is processed and transformed into fencing posts.