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Contractor careers require experience, licensing and education. Learn about contractor degree & certificate programs, and explore contractor specializations.

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How to Become a Contractor

Contractors oversee the planning and execution of all types of construction projects, ranging from small home repair and improvement projects to the 

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If you've successfully DIY'd a few home improvements around your house, you might be wondering how to become a contractor. After all, why 

How to Become a General Contractor in 5 Steps -

Research what it takes to become a general contractor. Learn about degree requirements, salary and job outlook to find out if this is the career

Expert Advice on How to Get a Contractor License - wikiHow

Getting a contractor license involves the completion of several steps that will These may or may not be the same people, depending on how your business is structured. Become an Interior Designer in the United States 

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Learn what it takes to become a successfully licensed residential or commercial contractor.

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Learning how to become a contractor is not difficult, but few people take all the necessary steps to ensure legitimacy and, ultimately, success.

General Contractors License In Your State - All You Need To Know

As well as teaching you specifically how to become a contractor, we also feature helpful information on marketing your services, training to pass licensing exams 

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If you are wondering how to become an independent contractor, I can already tell that you are a pretty smart cookie. If you are looking for full-time work or just a 

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General contractors are construction professionals who provide remodeling and construction services in a variety of different areas.

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A career as a general contractor can be fairly lucrative and it can be fulfilling in terms of job satisfaction. According to PayScale, Inc., general 

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Becoming a cleaning contractor is a way to start your own small business with very little upfront money, less than $100. Cleaning businesses 

Construction Jobs - How to Become a General Contractor

Review these high-level requirements to see if becoming a general contractor is a viable choice for your career.

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Become a member of the American Home Shield contractor network today. Your performance in the field will ultimately determine how much work you receive